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FUNSIES® IntelliGrow™ Nanny System allows you the freedom to do what you need to and have someone provide basic care for your child (nothing can fully replace a parent's loving care, but the Nanny comes pretty close).


How it works: FUNSIES® IntelliGrow™ Nanny will raise your child's nutritional and cleanliness stats once they reach 33%. The Nanny will only raise the Relaxation and Loving Care if needed to keep you child free from sickness. Do not be alarmed if your child has 70% Nourishment and 70% Cleanliness with the other stats below 5%; the Nanny knows the levels are needed to prevent illness.


How it works: FUNSIES® IntelliGrow™ Extra Care Nanny will raise all four of your child's needs once they reach a certain level. The Nanny cares for your child to help keep him or her happy and free from sickness (rarely sickness can occur like RL - it just happens).

The Extra Care Nanny uses more supplies because it keeps stats higher and your child happy, whereas the Basic Care Nanny can allow your child to become depressed - it just depends on your specific needs for your child.

Extra Care Nannies are clearly marked above the sale signs. They use the same supplies as the Basic Care Nannies.

Click here for the Nanny Setup Instructions

Click here for Nanny Troubleshooting

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