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1) Rez the included “FUNSIES IntelliGrow Nanny System Installer”

2) Rez your child

3) Touch the “FUNSIES IntelliGrow Nanny System Installer” and select a child to have the script injected.

You will see a message “FUNSIES IntelliGrow Nanny System Installer: Installation complete.” You may now delete this star and begin using the Nanny System.

4) Rez your Nanny.

5) Rez the “FUNSIES - 100 Nanny Refills” crystal heart. (Extras may be purchased at FUNSIES grocery store)

6) Touch the Nanny and select “resupply” to load supplies. Discard the empty heart.

7) Touch Nanny and select “Enable” to begin care. Select “Disable” to stop care.

8) Reload supplies as needed.



Your children MUST EACH have the installer done for them. If you need more than this 1 Nanny Installation Star go to the marketplace and you may purchase an extra installer for L$50. Only use ONCE per child.



Once the “FUNSIES IntelliGrow Nanny System Installer” has been done for all children, begin this next step.

We deeply suggest TESTING the system before leaving your child in the care of the nanny.

1) Buy Nanny Supplies at FUNSIES Grocery Store

2) Rez the Nanny

3) Touch the Nanny and select “Resupply” to fill her with 100 supplies (each will be used to feed or change a diaper/use the restroom. Your child's rest and loving care do NOT use supplies).

4) DISABLE: Select “Disable” to have your Nanny NOT care for your child - NO supplies will be used

5) ENABLE: Select “Enable” to have your Nanny Care for your child - supplies in the Nanny WILL be used.

6) TEST TEST TEST! Make sure you test the area before leaving your child alone. If you use a walker and your child gets beyond 10m, the Nanny cannot help him/her. Keep your child in an area no larger than 10×10 (a bedroom, playroom etc) for the Nanny to do her work.

Click here to troubleshoot the Nanny.

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