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The Nanny will ONLY work for the person that rezzed her and ONLY on that person's rezzed children.

In other words, you have three children; Suzi, Kim and Bobby. You rez Suzi and Kim, your spouse rezzes Bobby. You set the nanny to care… she will ONLY care for Suzi and Kim because Bobby was NOT rezzed by you, even though he is your son. We did this so no one could rez their child near yours and steal your supplies.

You may use the Nanny to care for anyone's children, but the child MUST be rezzed by you.

If your spouse wants Bobby cared for as well, he/she must send you Bobby so you may also rez him.

Same “owner” (last rezzed by) for child/nanny.

The Nanny will care for ALL children you rezzed within a 10m range. If you do not want a child/some children cared for, set a child beyond 10m.

NOTE: ALL stats must equal an average of under 33% before the Nanny will provide care. As an example, if your child has 100% relaxation and 0 in the other 3 stats, this is a 25% average.

Supplies are used as such (this is an example and nannies may provide supplies sooner/later than stated-based on your child's actual overall stats):

100 supplies; child falls below 33% in cleanliness, the Nanny changes a diaper/let's your child use the bathroom = -1 supply

Nutrition falls below 33%, Nanny feeds your child - 1 supply

On average, your child will need about 12 supplies per day if rezzed all day and you began at 100%. This CAN vary, so again, test with your child.

100 supplies will last about a week +- (8.3 days average)

You may use more supplies to fill your nanny as needed. Such as, leaving SL for a month? Use a nice buffer for 1 child and have 500 supplies in the Nanny. Only 380 or so MAY be used. But it's better to have that buffer.


Q. Can my child be asleep and the Nanny care for her?

A. As long as you set the Nanny to “Enable” she is working. Your child may be playing, sleeping, eating, etc. The Nanny WILL care for him/her.

Q. My husband rezzed our child and I have the Nanny set to “Enable” but our baby got sick!

A. As stated in the information above, the same person that rezzes the child MUST also rez the nanny; both must be rezzed by the same person.

Q. How many supplies do I need for a month?

A. This varies on your child's needs. Average is 380-400, but I suggest a 100 buffer. So fill your Nanny to 500 and test test TEST before leaving SL. Also remember, your child can get away from you and he/she can the nanny as well. Keep your child in a room, bedroom, play area that keeps him/her 10m near the Nanny.

Q. I want my children to stay in their own bedrooms. Can I use One nanny for all rooms?

A. The Nanny can only support children within a 10m range. We have made her affordable enough to have one in each room - if needed. Just remember to give her supplies! :)

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