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FUNSIES® IntelliGrow™ Babies and Children use a Patent Pending system to dress your children - We call this system “FUNSIES Clothing System”, what you as the parent will use for this entire system is named “Armoire”, whether it is the furniture piece or the portable clothing hud.


If you are having issues dressing your child click here for dressing issues.

1) First you must purchase the Armoire Furniture piece (great for sharing with a partner whom can be changed every 30 days), or the Armoire Hud (perfect to change clothing anywhere)

2) Rez your Armoire at the desired location, or wear your hud.

3) For the Armoire to work, you need to own at least one piece of clothing. We have many clothiers available with a vast array of styles to choose. Here is the location of one board with Clothing Affiliates:

4) Open the Armoire doors and touch the clothing item inside to see the menu.

5) Select the desired outfit which will give a preview on the clothing screen.

6) If more than one child is rezzed, you may select which child to dress by name. The Armoire reads nicknames, so if you have not changed your child's nickname, you will see “FUNSIES”. It's best to change your child's nickname for use of many FUNSIES items. Click here to see how to change your child's nickname.

7) You may also select “ALL” to dress all children in the area.

Advantages to the Armoire versus old style clothing:

1) No more boxes to lose in inventory! When you buy an outfit it is loaded directly into your Armoire.

2) No more having to buy the same outfit multiple times if your babies are different skin tones. The Armoire dresses all skin tones.

3) The Armoire copies, so if SL eats it you just have to rez a new copy because all purchases are stored in a database.

4) You no longer have to pick babies up to dress them differently. The Armoire lets you choose what baby you want to put an outfit on and should you desire to dress them all the same you can choose all! Also as mentioned, the armoire dresses babies of ALL skin tones.

5) Your partner can now dress your babies from the outfits you buy. All you have to do is add them to your Armoire. Please keep in mind if you buy an outfit it goes to your Armoire and that this can only be changed one time each 30 days.

6) Gift an outfit! Yes that's right you can send an outfit as a gift. Worried the receiver already has it? This system will tell you they have that outfit and refund your L!

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