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The Armoire is a wonderful dressing system and like anything in SL we must all follow Linden Labs permission rules. Here are some questions people ask and their easy solutions:

Q: I can't dress my own baby! It reads “Preview: No babies with Funsies Baby Receiver script detected within 10m of Armoire.”

A: Whom rezzed the child? If you, nor your Armoire's listed partner, did not rez the child, you cannot dress your child. You will need to take and rez the child yourself to change clothing.

Also note: If your partner (the one listed in the Armoire) rezzed the child then YES you can change your child's outfit when your partner rezzes the child. If your partner will have your child a lot, we suggest adding him/her to your Armoire hud. A partner can only be changed once every 30 days.

Q: I rezzed my baby and my Armoire but get the error “Preview: No babies with Funsies Baby Receiver script detected within 10m of Armoire.”

A: Is this a FUNSIES® IntelliGrow™ baby? If yes, was your child purchased prior to February 2013? If so, you will need to contact Rebekah Recreant to add a script to your child. It will take about 2 minutes in complete time to have your child updated. Never drop your child into Rebekah's inventory - always contact her first and await a reply.

Only FUNSIES® IntelliGrow™ babies can use the Armoire system. There is no age limit for clothing and no number of maximum children.

Q: The Armoire says there's a database issue?

A: This means you do not own any clothing yet. Simply purchase an outfit and use the Armoire per included directions.

Q: I'm not getting a menu when I touch the Armoire.

A: Touch the doors and once they open, touch the outfit image inside to see the menu.

Q: How do I find an outfit I just bought?

A: Click the Armoire menu and select “Outfits”, keep using the > arrow until you reach the last items. The last outfit listed is the most recent one you purchased.

Q: I bought an outfit and it's not in my Armoire.

A: This is not possible. The FUNSIES® Clothing System will not charge you unless the outfit purchase was a success. You also cannot buy the same outfit twice - if you or someone owns an outfit already, the system will refund. Go to the store which has the outfit you like and watch each prompt as you pay for the outfit. Check for any errors such as “already owned”.

Q: I sent a friend an outfit and they never received it.

A: Same as the answer above, the system will not bill you unless the outfit is sent. Repurchase and see if there are issues with your friend's name etc.

Q: The outfit on my child is the wrong skin tone!

A: Contact the creator of clothing and let them know about this issue. Please also bring it to Rebekah Recreant's attention so we may fix the issue. Each creator is responsible for their own design, but we will gladly assist them in correcting this issue. Once the issue is fixed you will be able to use the same outfit correctly.

Q: I found something offensive on an outfit!

A: Contact the creator and let them know, as well as send Rebekah Recreant an IM including the creator and item name. We strive for only G-rated items for all FUNSIES® babies, regardless of age.

Have an issue not listed? Drop a notecard into the suggestion box at FUNSIES® main store so we can include the most up-to-date answers.

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