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  • Rez your child onto a non-mesh area
  • Touch your child to access the menu
  • Select “Setup” in the menu.
  • Select “Name” to change the description of your child and create his/her formal long name. ie “Angelique Noel Recreant”. In the white area enter the new name and press “send” to save.

Remember your child's name! You will see this name when searching your inventory for your child.

  • Select “Nickname” to set your child's first name only, i.e., “Angelique”

In the white area enter the new description and press “send” to save.


1) Name: To rename the description of your baby (as will also be seen in your inventory) select “Name” and change to your new description. NAME is the full formal name of your child, such as “Angelique Noel Recreant”

NOTE: Name and Nickname will ONLY be permanent when child is rezzed in world. If you do this while attached, the names will reset when you detach your baby.

2) Nickname: This will be the baby's first name and how he/she refers to himself/herself, as well as how items like the Armoire list your child.

NICKNAME: The first name of your child, such as “Angelique”

3) Would you like your child's name above his/her head?

Touch your child and from his/her menu select “Setup” and then “Hovertext” to take the name off and put it back on over your child's head.

4) Fancy name desired? Type the following in local chat. Replace “NAME” with your child's name:

/5 Baby01 NAME

Example: I want my child's name to have hearts in the hover, so I would type:

/5 Baby01 ♥♥ Angelique ♥♥

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