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In the ChatBack Notecard you can have many replies to keywords or avatars in range.

Enter a keyword that someone will say to your child and then the expected response from your child.

 Such as No, no, NO with different replies.  
 Keywords are written like this:
 Keyword:Child's response
 NO:don't yell!
 Each keyword can have a different response, or you can have the same for all such as:
 The choice is yours.

To have your child recognize an av as their family, use their screen name, include the period between first and last name and then use a sentence pertaining to their relation. DO NOT include “Resident”, instead only use their first name and names should always be lowercase:

NOTE: An avatar does NOT need to be in your child's family list to be recognized as family with the ChatBack.

Example: I am the child's mom, so I would have something like the below: Format =firstname.lastname:Child's message here

Name being used =rebekah.recreant:Mommy! I love you!

If the user does not have a last name (i.e., they are “Resident”) do not include it. This means they are only:

=firstname:child response

=suzy:Mommy! I love you!

You must include the equal sign and the screen name in lowercase (not display name - but instead their login name)


In the ChatBack notecard you may include personalized messages your child will say to you and others:


Example: I want my child to call me “mommy” =rebekah.recreant:Mommy!

Now I would like my child to refer to my friend as “aunt”. My friend's name is Suzy Resident. Since she has no true last name, I would exclude “Resident”

=suzy:Hi auntie Suzy!


I've also made the system detect keywords by proper case. This way you can have “no” in three ways:

no:what you want them to say when this word is said No:what you want them to say when this word is said NO:what you want them to say when this word is said

For babies you will want no words but rather expressions or sounds such as:

Word reaction:

Having your child react to a word such as “happy”.

happy:/me wiggles and coos hearing your voice

Avatar reaction

Having your child react to an avatar, such as Suzy Resident

=suzy:/me wiggles and coos hearing your voice

Click another link for the ChatBack: Click here for Setup help, Chatback Notecard, NewPerson Notecard, Speak2Me Notecard.

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