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You bought that cute outfit and selected it from your Armoire, but wait! Where's the skirt? FUNSIES® allows YOU, the parent, to choose which skirt(s) to have your child wear - clothier's can make suggestions about which skirt they think looks best with their design, but you can still choose your favorite. This is how:

FUNSIES® Skirts are like our hair, they're attachments called “Attachables™”. You purchase a skirt at FUNSIES® main store near the hair, or FUNSIES® clothing store towards the center of the store by the windows.

Once you have selected a skirt of your choice (you can mix, match and change the skirt at anytime), you rez your child onto a non-mesh area and rez the skirt beside him/her. Touch the skirt and it will ask if you want to link, select “Yes”.

NOTE: Be sure to rez Attachables™ closest and to the left of the child you want to wear the attachment. A good way to know which child the attachment will go to, before selecting “yes”, is the attachment will stop that child animating. If that is the correct child, select “yes” and let the attachment finish. If it is not, move the attachment, select “no” and try again. When the correct child has stopped animating, select “yes” and it will attach.

When you're ready to remove the skirt, touch the child and at the menu prompt select “Setup”, “Attachments” and then from the menu the skirt name such as “Belle Skirt”. If you detach it without the skirt texture showing, it will be invisible and harder to find. We suggest detaching it with a texture showing.

Lost your Attachables™? Click here for help in finding it and better ways of using them.

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