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Attachables are wonderful ways to add more personalization and character to your child. You can also share attachables with your other children by taking off and transferring to another child. One day Suzy can wear the up-piggy hair style and another day Jenni can.

The most common question related to Attachables™ is “Where did it go?”

When using an attachable item we suggest always attaching and detaching at the same location of your home.


Make or buy a prim table (not mesh) and place your child onto it. Rez their attachable item to the right of your child when facing her. Touch and allow it to attach.

To detach, place your child onto the table and when you're ready to remove the attachement, touch the child and at the menu prompt select “Setup”, “Attachments” and then from the menu select the attachment by name such as “Belle Skirt”, etc. NOTE: If you detach a skirt without the skirt texture showing, it will be invisible and harder to find. We suggest detaching a skirt while it has a texture showing. . Voila! The item will go back to the exact spot you originally rezzed it.

Not so organized? Then I suggest you detach items in a clear area where you can easily find them..

Some items (like the teeth) are so small that they're harder to find. Using “Find Transparent” can greatly help!

Last but not least, you can use “Area Search” to locate an attachable.

You may ask, “Why do you use attachable items if people lose them?” It's very simple - this allows you unlimited creativity! The items and babies are mod and unlimited prims based on your desire. If the Attachables™ were like many other things in SL, then you would have a limit on what your child could wear, usually that means 1 hair. Also, Jenni would never be able to share with Suzi.

Attachables™ are fun, easy to use and a great addition to your child.


What happens if you just cannot find an attachment? If worst comes to worst you can always redeliver an item. However, keep in mind if you own 3 Belle Skirts and lose one, ALL three will redeliver. You will need to delete all skirts you own before redelivering. The other two non-lost skirts will error because those licenses will become invalid. You will receive three brand new skirts. Yes, FUNSIES replaces transferable items! We continue to excel and offer the best. Watch for what's to come!


Attachments with the “R” Swirl (all items located in the hair department as well as attachable Nannies) are redeliverable.

Go to FUNSIES Main Store and touch the same vendor as if you were buying the same item (hair, ChatBack, Skirt, Earrings, Elf Ears, Fangs, Teeth), but instead select “Redeliver”. All quantities you'd purchased will now be redelivered.

Be sure to delete any copies you may own. Do NOT touch the redelivery more than once, or you will be destroying licenses and creating a headache for yourself.

Go where you can rez the boxes, rez each box and YOU must rez each item inside BEFORE transferring any object. If you skip this step the items will self-delete. They must be rezzed for the licenses to register.

You now have a fully replaced, transferable item.

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