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FUNSIES Loving Heart adds age to your child's current age. If you have a 3 month old and use a 30 day heart, your child will become 4 months old. Loving Hearts are not required, but an option if you want to speed up your child's aging.

Loving Hearts come in five age addition options. You may use as many as you wish to add any age you'd like. There is no limit:

1 Month

3 Months

6 Months

9 Months

1 Year

Any child of any age can use a Loving Heart to add age. Please remember to also buy an Intellect star license (one for every 30 days of age) to have your child's intellect match his/her age.

When using a Loving Heart you may see this message “No medicine located for…” this means you need to use an updated and free OSTRTA star located in the red redelivery terminal beside the customer support desk at FUNSIES. Once you use the star, you may then use the Loving Heart. This is only needed once due to a bug fix experienced by Linden Labs.

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