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Intellect Star Licenses

NOTE: Intellect Star Licenses Never Expire! Buy as many as you like and use them when you want. If you run out, load up on more and have them handy when you need! ALWAYS delete OSTRTA objects if not used on the same day, and grab a free one when needed for your licenses from the redelivery terminal.

Intellect Star Licenses unlock skills your child has learned. Although your child does not have to have Intellect Star Licenses (sometimes called Star Licenses, stars, or OSTRTA licenses), he/she will not be living to their full intellectual potential. Imagine seeing a 10 year-old child in size with no Intellect Star Licenses. In essence the child is mentally a newborn in an over-sized body.

Now imagine that same child with all of her Intellect Star Licenses; she can speak, walk, run, play, Ice-skate, go to school, use a science lab, draw pictures and much more. The different is obvious.

Your child will be able to use an Intellect Star Licenses every 30 days of age until they're 9 years old. However, there are no Intellect Star Licenses for these Months: 20, 21, 23, 29, 31, 34, 35, 39, 105,107. These are considered “Free months” because your child will neither learn something new nor need an Intellect Star License.

Once your child becomes 9 years old (108 months) their learning slows down, just like real life, and star license needs become less necessary. Your child will not need another star from 108 until 120 months (10 years old) when another wonderful learning spurt occurs.

The OSTRTA (One Star to Rule them All) is a way to update your child's scripts AND can also be used to install Intellect Star Licenses. You may get a free OSTRTA at the redelivery terminal next to the baby redelivery terminal. If you do not have anymore Intellect Star Licenses, or you child cannot use any yet, you can only reinstall his/her current scripts to update your baby.

To learn a new skill you need the Intellect Star Licenses which are sold beside the Loving Heart for L$250.

Licenses NEVER expire. They will remain on your account until you use them. You may use one license one time.

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