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Second Life created a new “mesh” option to save on prims back in 2011. However, Mesh, which is a combination of shapes, does not allow other non-mesh items to be rezzed directly atop it.

The options are a 32 prim crib made from prims, able to rez atop it. Or, a similar looking crib with 8 prims made from mesh but you cannot rez atop it. The choice is clear, 8 prims and not rezzing atop the mesh crib.

Issues with Mesh:

Mesh is a great prim saver, however you cannot rez anything (especially babies) atop the mesh without it “poofing”. In this case “poofing” does not mean gone forever, it means it is sent back into your inventory. The only way to see the item is to log out and back into Second life and do a search under “All items”, since the item may not be back in its original folder.


1) Log out of SL and back in

2) Type in your child's name in your “All items” tab of your inventory, not your recent items. Your child will now appear in your inventory.

3) If you do not see your child in your inventory, do an area search using your child's name - you may have possibly tossed the child.

4) If none of these options worked and you must redeliver child, you can also redeliver most attachments. See lost attachments here.

5) Remember to also reinstall your OSTRTA to reinstall all licenses you child had as well as the Nanny Script (free in the grocery store) and any other injectors for toys.

Seeing Mesh Better:

Mesh can be hard to see unless your LOD settings are done correctly. So how do you see mesh items at their best? It's easy and here's how:

  >  Press Ctrl+Alt⇧+D  on your keyboard with your viewer open.
  > open "Debug Settings"
  > Type in RenderVolumeLODFactor
  > Set it to 4.00  (if you have camera restraints disabled, make this number an 8)
  > Close it

Now sculpt and mesh items will look better.

Some viewers do not save settings, (why?!), so if things look broken or weird, redo your LOD settings.


Have a prim box or prim carpet/floor (since many homes are made of mesh now) and click the item to edit, drag your item from your inventory and rez atop it.

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