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it's important to keep your child healthy. FUNSIES offers vaccines to prevent common illnesses caught from other children.

Your child can catch illnesses from other kids, just like rl, so make sure he/she gets their vaccines every 90 days, beginning at the age of 3 months (90 days) - vaccines are included FREE with FUNSIES® Medical Insurance.

Q: My child would not accept the vaccine, a message said she was already sick.

A: Your child had a mild form of the illness and her bodies natural defenses fought them off. Save your vaccines for later use. You can try to vaccinate your child again in 2 weeks. Once they're immunity has cleared the strength against the sickness, they will use the vaccine.

Q: When I try to use the vaccine I get an error, “No medicine found”.

A: Update your child's scripts using a free OSTRTA star located in the red redelivery terminal at FUNSIES main store and try again.

Also, make sure you rezzed the baby and the medicine, and the baby is NOT attached to you. And then try again.

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