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FUNSIES® Terminology

You want assistance in the group, or from a staff member, but it seems they do not understand what you're talking about. Learning the proper terminology for things is vital for communication in any industry, area, or scenario.

Study the words below and you will soon be a pro at FUNSIES proper terminology.

Armoire - This is the item which hold all of your child's clothing. Whether it be the Armoire HUD or furniture piece. There is currently no other item which holds your child's clothing.

Go to - this is the term to have your child “go to” an item. It's very easy to remember, such as “Let's go to the store.”

Ways to use this term: “I clicked on the crib but my child will not go to it. What can I do?”

We've sometimes seen people say, “I can't call my child to the crib.” This is an incorrect use of the word “call” and can confuse people when you use it in such a manner. So remember it's “go to” which is clearer and proper English. Read the true definition of call:

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