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How do I let my friend/spouse/babysitter use my crib, foods and other items?

There are many reasons and many occasions which will require the need to share your items with someone else.

Let's us the scenario of “Daddy has the kids” first:

Mom rezzed the crib, diaper changer, bather and toys.

Dad has the children in his inventory. However, when dad touches them he reads “FUNSIES® Crib” or another description.

What can he do? The kids aren't going to the items and mom's at work.

Sadly, in this case, he has to wait. If this happens I do suggest Daddy own his own toy and rez it to prevent the baby from becoming ill.

Answer: Have a toy owned by the other parent handy in all cases


1) The only way to share your items, is to have the owner of the item (the person that rezzed the item) touch the item and select “Everyone”. You will know “Everyone” is selected when the owner touches the item and sees the other option “Owner Only” now available.

2) The owner must also be sure that the group tag they were wearing when rezzing the item(s) is one which their friend, spouse etc can also use.

Example: Jenni rezzes her crib under the group tag “FUNSIES®” (under means which group is currently activated). Her husband Johnny needs to have his group tag “FUNSIES®” active in order to use Jenni's items.

The “Everyone” option means “everyone using this same group tag as me”.

Scenario 2: Mommy put the kids in bed last night and rezzed the crib

a) Daddy touches the baby and sees “Jenni Resident is not done using the menu”. This means the mother never selected “close menu” when she put the children down for bed. If you select “ignore” you leave the menu open and others cannot use it.

PREVENT IT: make a habit out of always electing “close menu”

b) Daddy touches the baby and sees “Stephi feels calm with you near” or another message, but no menu. This means daddy is either not on her family list (even the person that bought the baby should add themselves to the list), or his name was entered wrong.

PREVENT IT: Use his UUID and check that he can access the menu when you have the baby. Check check check before leaving the child alone.

c) Daddy touches the baby and sees the child's menu, he selects “Stop Sleep” and Junior wakes up. Now daddy touches a toy and sees “FUNSIES® playmat”, but no menu. Again, the toy was either not set to everyone, or dad is under the wrong group tag.


“No baby in range?! But she's right here!”

What does “no baby in range” mean? It means that there is no bored child around (a child not currently doing some action). You may have little Suzi next to her favorite toy, but if she's already sleeping, eating, playing or bathing, she cannot also use something else. One thing at a time.

Touch her and select “Stop Play”, “Stop Eat” etc. from her menu and then she can do something else.

The “Stop” tells you the child is doing something.

IMPORTANT: If you rez a toy/item and someone else owns the baby, you need to touch YOUR item and select “Everyone”.


Mesh is great to save prims, but not good to rez ANYTHING, especially a baby, onto. Since most of FUNSIES items are mesh, rez your child onto a NON-MESH object (prim carpet etc). Once you have, you may now touch an item (crib, toy etc) and have your child go to it.

If you rezzed your child and he poofed, DO NOT redeliver him. He's back in your inventory but you will not see him until you relog.

Log OUT of SL and then log back in. Search by his name ONLY and in your local/All items folder, not recent.

Rez him onto a NON-MESH area and he's fine ☺

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, redeliver a child without speaking to Laguna Recreant first. Please, we can help you and you will not be bothering us. Redelivering your child is the last thing you want to do. When you redeliver any added attachables will not be included in the retrieval.

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