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As of August 29, 2015, referral bonus is raised to 15% of the purchase price of babies! This is our way of saying “thank you!”

Anytime you refer a new customer to FUNSIES you receive 15% of the purchase price, per baby, CASH bonus. The referral bonus needs to be done as such:

1) Refer a friend, customer, client to FUNSIES babies. Clinics welcome!

2) When they are ready to buy their baby, have them contact Rebekah Recreant, (no more than 5 minutes before purchase - please) and tell her “Hello, I will be buying my baby now, ___ referred me to FUNSIES and asked me to let you know before purchase.”

You may have them leave offline messages as well - in case they are buying in off hours. All messages are permanently logged. Do not send notecards.

3) Once they purchase the baby or babies (referral bonus only applies to baby purchases / unlimited children), Rebekah Recreant will send you a 15% cash bonus of all babies purchased at this time - for the purchased price.

Thank you for referring your friends, clients and family to FUNSIES!

*NOTE: They must be brand new to FUNSIES - no previous purchases. These are for true referrals of friends/family/clients only.

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