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SETTING UP YOUR NURSERY (only for complete sets which use a rezzer)

1) Place rezzer in center of the room. Touch and select “Rez”.

2) Arrange as desired and select “Finish” to keep your location.

3) KEEP A COPY! This set is copiable and you can use and reuse your rezzer at anytime.

4) Don't like the position? Derez and start over (could not have saved yet for this option)

If you already saved the position, you can delete this set and rez a new set. You may also pick up each item and place as desired.

Nursery deco can be deleted as desired. You do not need to use every set.

Most prims are:

Bather 5 LI, Changer 4 LI, Crib 9-13 LI

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