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Yes! FUNSIES IntelliGrow children grow in three ways:

1: REAL-TIME: Simply have your FUNSIES baby rezzed (worn or placed in-world) and he/she will age and grow.

2: ADD AGE ANYTIME: Not aging fast enough for you? You may purchase a Loving Heart to add age instantly which will also cause your child to grow.

Loving Hearts are available in 7 age additions:

  • 1 day
  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 12 months

You may use several Loving Hearts to add more age/growth to your child. Example: You have a newborn baby and would like him or her to be 5 years old. Simply purchase five “12 Month” Loving Hearts to add 5 years of age.

Important Note: Loving Hearts add age and size only. You will also need Intellect Stars to have your child's brain the same age as his or her size. Read about Intellect Stars here:OSTRTA Licenses

3: NEWBORN+ADDON AGE AND INTELLECT PACKAGE: You can purchase a newborn and on the same day, select an “addon”package which adds age and intellect.

Options included to add:

  • 1 year of age and 12 Intellect Stars
  • 2 years of age and 24 Intellect Stars
  • 3 years of age and 36 Intellect Stars
  • 4 years of age and 48 Intellect Stars
  • 5 years of age and 50 Intellect Stars

This option adds all needed Loving Hearts and Intellect Stars for your child.


FUNSIES children never stop aging (unless you choose to have their age/growth stop – requires a FUNSIES physician), they will stop growing in height at age 17 or 18 years, depending on the child.

Your child will grow and age when rezzed in-world. You don’t need to do anything to have them age.

Q. How can I see how much my child has aged?

A. Touch your child and select “Status”, you will see your child’s age.

Q. How can I see that my child is growing?

A. Just like rl, children have spurts. Their first year of life is a normal growth pattern. You can compare their size by editing the child and looking under their “Object” tab while in edit mode. Now look at the “Size” area and you can compare their size as they age.

Q. But I don’t see toys for children over 10 years?

A. Each toy, item, bedroom, etc. is hand animated by Laguna Recreant. He takes great time and care in each animation we present. Doing it right takes time, but rest assured, we are always adding more licenses so your child can have their intellect age as they do.

Q. Is there a way to have my child grow quickly?

A. Yes! You may use a “Loving Heart” to ADD age to your child instantly.

Q. I only see a Loving Heart up to 1 year. I wanted a 5 year old.

A. If you have a newborn, you would buy 5 Loving Hearts that are 1 year each. The hearts ADD the age to your child.

Q. I aged my child to 5 years. Do I need the IntelliStars/Intellect Stars/Licenses too?

A. Yes. Though we do have 10 months which did not require a license, we gave those to you free. So if you have a 5 year old you will only need 50 licenses, not 60.

Q. How do I buy licenses?

A. You would go to the OSTRTA license vendor and buy the license. It is located next to the loving hearts.

Q. So I have to buy 50 star licenses, one-by-one?!

A. Not at all. If you need to buy multiples and just don’t want to stand by the vendor all day and pay, contact Laguna Recreant and you may pay him directly to purchase your star licenses. Laguna Recreant will then add those licenses to your avatar and you’re all set!


FUNSIES Licenses are what unlocks the child’s intellect. Simply put, as your child ages (either naturally or instantly), you would get that child a license for every 30 days of age to “unlock” what they learned.

Licenses are only L$250 a month and your child will learn based on many factors: Care, Rez Time, Charcter, Unique Personality, etc. Many factors come into play for intellect.

Yes, the children have unique personalities; sneaky, funny/silly, sweet/angelic, quiet, noisy, demanding.. and they can change based on your child’s mood or who has the child. You may ask, “but how?” It’s all based on many many factors which took us almost 3 years to achieve. Extensively intense scripting, with massively reduced lag non-comparable to anything ever before in SL. Laguna and I stayed up many nights perfecting what we felt would be something wonderful to offer people the chance to “experience rl parenting” or “re-experience” it.

Q. What happens if I don’t want to use a License?

A. Your child will not mature mentally.

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