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Breast Feeding

See the video for our Breastfeeding chair: click here

Nothing is as nourishing and healthy as mother's milk. Our wonderful Breast feeding package allows you to offer your child the best nutrition you can, all in a convenient package. Optional nursing bra colors available as well.

No matter which option you choose for your FUNSIES child, you're sure to choose a healthy and balanced nutritional meal. When you want the very best for your baby, choose FUNSIES products.

The Breastfeeding kit contains a bra (not mandatory, rp only) and some breast feeding pads.

The refill kit is the breastfeeding pads without the bra.

You may begin breastfeeding at any age and continue until you feel your child is ready to be weaned.

The AMA suggests this for your baby to be weaned: “There's no real right or wrong time to wean your child from your breast; it has more to do with your lifestyle. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that moms breastfeed for the first year, but only about 15 percent of moms actually do this, since going back to work, physical challenges, or simply wanting their bodies back prompts many women to wean sooner.

If your baby is younger than 9 months, you should wean her to a bottle since she doesn't have the motor skills to use a cup. After that time, it's best to wean straight to a sippy cup and solid food to avoid putting your child through another transition from bottle to cup just a few months later (since all children should be off the bottle by their first birthday). To make weaning as easy as possible on your child, be sure it doesn't coincide with another big transition, like moving or starting daycare.”

Most babies learn to hold a sippy cup around 1 year.

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