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 **OSTRTA Licenses** **OSTRTA Licenses**
-OSTRTA licenses unlock skills your child has learned. ​ Although your child does not have to have OSTRTA licenses, he/she will not be living to their full intellectual potential. Imagine seeing a 10 year-old child in size with no OSTRTA licenses. ​ In essence the child is mentaly a newborn in an over-sized body.   +See [[intellect_star_license|Intellect Star Licenses]] for information.
- +
-Now imagine that same child with all of her OSTRTA licenses. ​ She can speak, walk, run, play, Ice-skate, go to school, use a science lab, draw pictures and much more.  The different is obvious. +
- +
-Your child will be able to use an OSTRTA license every [[growing|30 days of aging]].  There are no Licenses ​for these Months: 20, 21, 23, 29, 31, 34, 35, 39 These are considered "Free months"​ because your child will neither learn something new nor need an OSTRTA License. +
- +
-The OSTRTA you can get free at the redelivery terminal next to the baby redelivery terminal, and we use those to update the children, but to learn a new skill you need the OSTRTA Licenses+
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