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 +You have chosen FUNSIES® for your expanding family. Congratulations for an amazing choice!
 +What you need minimum to start:
 +1) Your FUNSIES® baby
 +2) Crib or Cradle
 +3) Bather or Changer if you want to fully rp and save on the cost of diapers
 +4) Supplies: ​ Breastpads or Bottles. ​ For quicker changing/​bathing then furniture you would need diapers. ​ You could also get the bear and/or a diaper bag that fills the food, cleanliness,​ rest and loving care stats with 1 click.  ​
 +5) Toy from the 0-9 month section of the toy store.
 +6) Armoire or Armoire hud (the Armoire you can set a partner on the Armoire hud you cannot) and clothing. ​ After your little ones first bath the pink/blue sleeper will not come back.
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