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A “bug” is a computer term used when something happens that should not happen. You selecting your favorite red pumps and instead your hair changes, well, that could be a bug. It could also be a misclick.

Making sure a suspected bug can repeat is important. Such as the, “every time I put on my red shoes, my hair changes!” is a bug. When you find and report a bug to FUNSIES, we can quickly assess the issue and repair it.

To report a suspected bug, please do the following:

1) Create a Report - this section below was copied from LL's site - why rewrite what was done so well to explain this issue?

Write a bug report including:

  • *Steps to follow In as much detail as possible, describe a sequence of actions that any user can take to cause the problem to occur. If particular conditions are required, such as being in a specific parcel or having particular permissions set for a group role, describe them carefully. Before submitting your report, test your instructions by having someone else follow them to see if they see the problem. Making these instructions simple is good, but completeness is better than simplicity. Describe what you expected to happen such as “the baby should go to the toy” or “my child should sleep in the bed” Describe what happened instead If you are able to provide pictures, or other illustrations in addition to text, even better. Attach supporting information**
     If the problem is a viewer crash or a bad interaction with the server (not getting something you should have, or having an effect on the world that you should not have, for example), include the log files from your viewer as attachments. Be sure that you specify as closely as possible the exact time at which the problem occur so that we can find any relevant information in the logs. See Finding Log Files for how to find them. 

2) If it involves a FUNSIES child, include your child's name, age and the parent (purchaser) of the child.

3) Place all of this info into the “Bug Report” box in front of the service desk at FUNSIES main store.

Bug reporting assist us in ensuring your items and children are in optimal health.

Unknown reported exploits are rewarded L$ 1,000 cash.

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